What is Peace for Homeless person?

Dear All, My search for Truth continues and I am all the more thirsty for it. I asked this question at UN world peace day celebration planning workshop. The organizer replied that it could be a piece of meal. I am not satisfied with that answer. What do you think? Can you feel one with a homeless person and answer my question??



Does Music Heal? If it does, what kind of music heals?? Thank you! 🎡🎢🎸🎹


I signed International Post Graduate Fellowship for Meaningful World which is working with UN. I will start from Month March 1st and will be sharing more about all the activities and events in coming days and so stay tuned. I would love to hear your views about it. Thank you!


I entered in United Nations for the first time. Heard repeatedly about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). I am going to contemplate on all the goals in the coming years to explain the logics of SDGs for the future generations to know about it. Would you like to add something to it?


Half a month is ran through so fast. Met new people and connected. I got moral support and they got mine. Seriously thinking of mission which is connected to Restorative Justice. Hope all is well with you all… How about you?