I deleted some of my images with beautiful quotes. I am still learning about blogging and please understand. Thank you!! 


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  1. Don’t worry about it. It took me months to design my site, learn to add things, and move widgets around. I still don’t have it all right. I’m not technologically adept, but I’ve gotten better. You’ll do fine. If I can learn how to run a blog – anybody can!

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  2. There will be more photos and more posts. Don’t worry about this. I just published a post that I had to edit about five times. I didn’t like the picture, I misspelled a name, I forgot the categories and tags…the list goes on. You are not the only one who stumbles a bit. It will all come together. πŸ™‚

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  3. We all go through that, you will work it out eventually. If you have a question just ask. If I can help I will be happy to. If not someone here will be able to answer you.
    I was misdirected on one of your posts. I am going to try and read more if I come across something I can help you with I will let you know.
    As far as the quotes go if you go to your Write page you can post and save there. Just give them a title and then click save. They will be there until you delete them. You don’t have to post them at the time. ☺☺☺

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  4. I still dnt even know what its all about …step 1 write …step 2 publish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ step 3 go look for step 4…. enjoy wat you write sir…helps me threw difficult times just writing😊😊 #enjoy

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