What is dignity?


40 thoughts on “#dignity 

  1. When I think dignity, I think of Viktor Frankl. Humans in every attempt try dismantle the sense of inner self, inner strength, and inner will. On a basic level, they try through manipulation, passive-aggression, and stonewalling. On a much greater level, they try through extermination, concentration camps, Guantanamos, and colonization. Despite what his physical, external self endured as a Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl showed that dignity a choice he made every single day. Only he possessed his dignity, and no amount of dark, human effort could strip him of that.

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  2. As long as humanity overflows on this land and as long as the good overpowers the evil,
    No one shall be able to snatch it from you till you remain true to thee and turn away from the devil;
    Buy once you embark on a path of treachery to your soul,
    It becomes a herculean task to get it back without a hole;
    That’s your dignity, my dear, keep it safe so that you never regret through tears.

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