#HappyNewYear #2018


May this 2018 fill more love in this world, in your homes, in your hearts and souls. Have a wonderful New Year 2018!
What is your wish for this year?


36 thoughts on “#HappyNewYear #2018

  1. Happy New Year. Thank you for following my blog. Interesting name choice: I imagine there is a story there. My overall resolution: can’t say because I am sure I will break it sooner than later; however, we feel really positive about 2018. Best wishes also for a good year for you.

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  2. Happy New Year to you!

    My wish, what I’ve worked for all my lifetimes, is the Shift into the light fully complete on this planet and beyond, the dark shut down and transformed for ever, leaving the planet and all life upon it fully free, living in love and peace.

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  3. Happy 2018 to you as well ! My wish from my heart is that humanity awakens this year at long last and unconditionally accepts the truths we face for what they are and we move forward to change them with our hearts and not our minds! The darkness has lingered long enough.. Gentle Peace…VK

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